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Jessica F. Griesbach

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About the Author

Jessica is a scientist, digital marketer, photographer and author of the new book Turning Life Into Lemonade. When her health started to unexpectedly spiral downward in 2010, Jessica took to research to try to put together the pieces of what was going on in her body. With a life-threatening diagnosis in 2016 that took assistance from family, friends, and strangers alike to save her life, she made it her mission to help others make it through the challenges in their lives no matter how big or small. Jessica lives in Northeastern Alabama with her husband, son, and several rescue pets. She loves traveling the world, snuggling animals, all things nature, and taking pictures of everything!

Jessica F. Griesbach

About the Author

Free Resources for Readers

Are you ready to start turning your life into lemonade—to use the hurdles in your path to transform your life? I've developed some free resources for you to start focusing on the positives in your life and invest in yourself. 


Time to stop merely surviving and start thriving!

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